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Upteenth attempt at starting a blog & Overthinking

I had a blog a few years ago, but it had at most 4 entries and was duly abandoned as I didn't have the time/didn't make the time for it. I generally think I have too much too say and can be very wordy, and that I say what I have to say to a few close friends. But what most people don't know is how I go about coming up with themes for my artwork. It is generally a very convoluted thought process that is generated within nanoseconds and then I blurt out something. Family and friends generally look at me askew when I say something and they then tell me:

"That makes no sense. Did you have half that conversation in your head and then say the last bit out loud?"

The correct answer to that question is usually: "Yes?" and me thinking - seriously, are you that slow you can't follow my train of thought?!? Which I admit, is rather arrogant.

I have a million trillion thoughts running through my mind simultaneously and when I read things about people who overthink, I wonder if I myself am an overthinker - according to the internet (insert copious laughter) I would be and it's a sign of anxiety. I don't think I am an anxious person, just an extremely curious person (possibly with curious personality traits too). Anything can capture my attention and I will spend ages wondering about it and wanting to find out more about it. That is also how I get my ideas for painting something! Yes, this is a blog about painting, after all.

I aim to post more about paintings I have completed and the thought process behind them. I believe each person interprets a painting in accordance to their view of the world, but I generally find it interesting knowing an artist's thoughts regarding their creation. If you ever studies Literature in school, do you remember those many hours spent interpreting a book's meaning to death? And while we could all find several different meaning to one sentence, did you ever wonder what the author meant?!? But many times, they were already deceased, so you couldn't ask them and wondered how much BS you were all spewing in class? Sorry, not BS, we were working our brain matter and developing our independent thoughts and ideas, when we weren't trying to parrot what the A+ student had just said because that was probably the correct answer when in fact, there was no correct answer! The correct answer was "all the friends you made along the way" thing.... Anyway... If you are also one of those people (whose thoughts love to meander, or you are just nosy, or bored, or...), welcome to my blog!

I will try to stick to it, but I am not making any promises.

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Nice start. Good Luck!

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