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Rebecca Allan - Fine Artist

Rebecca Allan artist at raholland art selfie

Rebecca is a fine artist currently living in London with her husband and daughter. Although a late bloomer, she has now firmly planted her feet on the creative path and is painting full time.

Rebecca started taking an interest in art later in her life, after several years as an Economist, and is self-taught. Having come from a family where her grandmother and mother were always painting - she grew up surrounded by vases and dining sets, as well as canvases painted by them; it seemed inevitable she would eventually want to follow an artistic path.

Her paintings are permeated with a surrealist tone which are the result of years playing and experimenting with different styles, mediums and allowing herself the opportunity to approach art with curiosity. She sometimes creates surfaces that are unpredictable and enjoys the challenge that comes with it. Creating each piece is a work of passion and unparalleled joy.

One can see her Brazilian heritage shine through some of the more colourful paintings and the choice of tropical and nature themes. Her European side can be observed in the more muted choices she occasionally makes. She likes painting expressions that currently resonate with her or it can be  

 something she, or the world, is 

currently experiencing.

​If one were to ask why she paints, she might answer with a sparkle in her eyes saying that it brings her joy, but it's a lot more than that. She loves seeing her thoughts and ideas in colour on a canvas, she loves the idea of seeing how far she can change the texture of a canvas using the mediums at hand and then adding colour to the textures and creating something different. She loves a challenge and wants to see how far she can go in a world that already has so many artists in terms of attempting to create something different. 

​In short: she paints because she likes a challenge.

​Rebecca was born and raised mostly in São Paulo, Brazil, with a short spell on the Isle of Man as a child. Once she graduated from Copenhagen Business School, having achieved a MSc in Economics and Finance, she was able to spread her wings and spent her twenties living in different places including Copenhagen and Barcelona to eventually settle in London.


She occasionally accepts commissions depending on her schedule.

Events Past and Present

  • Sherston - Biennial Art Fair 2021

  • Twickenham (Greater London) Art Unlocked 2020 – Group Show at Orleans House Gallery

  • Twickenham (Greater London) Art House 2018 - Open Studio event

  • Twickenham (Greater London) - Orleans House Gallery Group Exhibition 2-4 October 2020

  • London - New Artist Fair 2019

  • Richmond-Upon-Thames - Riverside Gallery - Group Exhibition 2018

  • Sherston - Biennial Art Fair 2017

  • Sherston - Biennial Art Fair 2015

  • London - New Artist Fair 2015

  • London - Art Goes Wild 2014


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