Artist Statement

An interesting life. A reflection of my past experiences. Everything I embody.

I have been making art my entire life, but it was never my priority. It was something I did on the side-lines after a long day at work, or during a weekend, and I never felt I had a voice. It was a tentative activity, something I did when I was upset, or when I wanted to capture a happy moment. A fleeting instant of self-expression. Just like my life, I could never settle. Until I did.

Having found a permanent home in London, my art also started taking a more permanent place in my life. It went from purely experimental – ever changing, to something more focused. As my mind quieted, I came to realise I had found the perfect outlet for everything inside me. My curiosity, my passion for research, my love of nature, and most importantly, all my accumulated experiences. My inability to focus and concentrate on one subject matter for more than a few months, letting my mind flitter, is perfectly suited to my creative abilities. Although in essence, all I am trying to answer is the age-old philosophical inquiries into what is the meaning and purpose of everything.

Each painting I create is infused with meaning to me. No flower is random – they will all have been carefully researched and will serve a purpose, be it symbolic, be it aesthetic. I am currently focusing on arms and hands as sometimes we forget what we are able to do with those limbs, the forms of self-expression, hugging, grasping, doing things, sometimes the way we cross our arms out of fear, or cold, or just a soothing motion. Clicking a pen while thinking, beating a tune on the table, so many things which sometimes we don’t even realise we are doing. I want to bring those moments onto the canvas and solidify them, make the viewer think and feel seen.

Art is something that is in constant metamorphosis as it reflects the artist's inconstancy. By simply living, learning, reading and observing, my idea regarding a subject inevitably changes. As my world view changes, so does my art. I do, however, still have the ever-present flowers because for me, they're also always changing. They hibernate, grow, bloom, die, but always come back in a never-ending cycle. They've gone through their own metamorphosis and have come back the same, but altered. My art, in its essence, remains the same, even if in appearance, it is not.

In my studio, you will find stacks of books. Reading is my main source of inspiration, but meeting someone new, who can tell me a story, can sometimes be that spark that lights up an entire new train of thought. Those sparks, though, are quite rare. Although I have experimented with several mediums, my favourite one is oils. I like their versatility, I like being able to sit and stare at an unfinished painting and know that when I add an additional stroke, the paint will still be responsive.

In essence, there is no other thing I would rather be doing than staring at a blank canvas, and thinking of all the possibilities and the new life that I can breathe into it. To quote Dr Seuss:


Today is your day.

You’re off to Great Places!

You’re off and away!”