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I do accept commissions and below are a few I have done. I included a mix for you to have an idea of what I can also do in addition to my usual artwork. I am open to any idea you may have and will suggest surface, size, layouts, but in terms of medium, I generally work with oils, unless the idea would look good using a mix. This is all open to discussion.

In terms of time frame, once we have discussed everything, I will give you an estimated time frame with regular updates and progress shots - unless you are happy to be pleasantly surprised. But I will still give you regular updates and estimates regarding timing and progress.

I take a deposit at the beginning of all projects and it is dependent on the size. For smaller, more affordable pieces, I take 50% deposit and for pieces that cost upwards of £500, I take a 25% deposit. The full amount is to be paid at completion, just before shipping.  If you feel you need to pay in installments, we can arrange something, but I will only ship the artwork once I receive the last installment. 

If you have read the above and are still interested in requesting a commission, please contact me here.

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