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Speed Videos - and the next step

Lockdown has definitely helped boost my creativity - and also my lethargy and the sense of hopelessness that sometimes engulfs us. A a friend and I were chatting about how to extend our reach and she just threw away a couple of words... just like that TikTok (60 seconds max) became something we considered exploring. But why when Instagram had now introduced Reels (15 seconds max) and there was, of course, IGTV for videos longer than one minute. A different audience and maybe they were in need of more art videos? Then, of course, one could design one video to fit both platforms... Ideas started bubbling and then I decided to start making speed painting videos. It's incredible how you can condense hours of work into a few minutes, or even, a few seconds.

Who knows, I might progress from speed videos to process videos, although those would be a lot longer and I wouldn't really do that fast. I also need to continue working on my video editing skills and 1 person do it all set-up, holds. Because as I mentioned in the previous post, I don't multi-task enough and now adding videographer and video editing to my curriculum can only be a plus.

Enjoy a couple of speed videos below. One from my Instagram account and one from my TikTok account.


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