Not Good Enough - Because one can always get better

Below the video is the script I used when doing the voice-over of the below video. Although while talking I added a few things here are there. There was much more I wanted to say, but didn't want the video to end up too long. I also called it Not Good Enough because it's something I often say to myself whenever there is an open call for art be it magazines, competitions I would love to participate in. I always think my next piece will be much better and has a chance at winning. It's almost another way of saying tomorrow I will start exercising, tomorrow I will start learning this new thing I want to do, and so on and so forth. The difference being that I have already started painting, I started 8 years ago and never stopped. So is it lack of courage, lack of conviction? Who knows?

But by starting this video even though I don't have good enough equipment, and the audio isn't perfect and my XPeria5 phone camera does some weird constantly trying to focus thing, I decided that even if it wasn't good enough for me, it was perhaps okay to do so anyway without the excuses. Hopefully, this will inspire other people to give things a go even if they think they are good enough.... yet.

Welcome to my new YouTube channel "Not good enough" why that title?


I was asked by a friend a few years ago to teach art, but I told him I didn't know enough and didn't think I was good enough. The thing is, I read a lot, watch a lot of art tutorials, or just artists I absolutely love talk about art, or watch them paint while talking and my brain, being the visual learner that it is, is simply absorbing everything, learning, adapting, just there, ready to use when I create something and it just goes, "hey, why don't you try a technique you watched months or years ago somewhere you can't even remember where from, but it stayed with you because you thought it was interesting or fascinating".

The thing is, I will never be good enough for myself because I love to learn and try out different things. My standards and where I want to be isn't just high, it's stratospheric. Unachievable, and that's how I like it because it makes me push myself. It makes me explore, experiment, and learn, for me, it's like playing, it's pleasurable and fun! Frustrating? Maybe for a second, and it's more like an "ah, ha, you got me" and "let's go again.... And again... And again"

Not good enough means there's always something I can better myself at, and continue discovering new ways to challenge myself.

So I decided that instead of shying away thinking I will never be good enough to teach, or show what I do, I decided to show you how I operate, how I think and do things. In art, there is no correct or incorrect way of doing things. It's all about experimenting and doing things your way. Everyone has a signature style, a move, the way they write or how they leave a brush stroke on a canvas. Your personal mark. And this is how I leave my mark.